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Read more about proficiency based learning in Harwood Unified Union School District


The HUUSD's Nominees for the UVM Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Read about the Harwood Unified Union School District's two nominees for the UVM Outstanding Teacher of the Year 2018. 

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The HUUSD seeks a Professional Development Provider in Student Engagement and Brain-Based Learning.

The presentation shared by Sheila Soule, Director of Curriculum at the March 8, 2017 Board Meeting

Community Coalition Fall Newsletter - Featured Image

The WWSU Community Coalition, that planned the community conversations, continues to meet in order to provide a forum for leadership and community engagement in our schools. 

Key Themes: Community Conversations - Featured Image

Over 130 Community Members, staff, and students took part in a month-long series of conversations to talk about teaching and learning in the schools of WWSU. 

HUHS Acknowledged For Their Efforts With Student Voice - Featured Image

NESSC acknowledges Harwood's efforts to increase and improve student voice efforts in their school. 

The Moretown School Featured on WPTZ - Featured Image

"Cool School" The Moretown School featured in a series of shorts on the morning news today.