HUUSD Curriculum

The Harwood Unified Union School District is dedicated to providing an educational environment that fosters the growth and development of every student. We strive to empower learners and shape futures through a commitment to excellence in proficiency-based education. 

Our Vision

Our students are proficient, resilient readers, writers, and problem solvers. Our students are curious, creative, confident, collaborative and compassionate. Our students are prepared for the post-secondary plan of their choice.

Our Theory of Action

When we have a system that ensures all students from PK through grade 12 … 

  • have access to instructional programming and assessments that support attainment of clear and relevant proficiency-based learning outcomes
  • receive high quality, universally delivered instruction with opportunities for voice, choice, collaboration and reflection
  • are surrounded by learning environments that are inclusive, growth-oriented and safe

then we will have created an educational ecosystem where each student can flourish and become a capable, confident, and compassionate member of an ever-changing world.

Our Learning Expectations

By the time students reach for their diploma, they will have achieved high levels of proficiency in our district’s six Learning Expectations

  1. Communication and Creative Expression - Express ideas and information clearly and creatively to reach a variety of audiences.

  2. Integrative Thinking - Create new meaning from evidence, multiple views, perspectives, opposing models, or seemingly unrelated ideas.

  3. Literacy - Read and write to develop the fundamental skills of critical thinking and an understanding of oneself and the world.

  4. Personal and Global Engagement - Contribute positively to a diverse culture that respects others, fosters responsibility, promotes personal wellness and embraces community and global awareness.

  5. Problem Solving - Interpret or define a problem and apply logic, rules, creativity and/or abstract thinking to find a solution.

  6. Self Direction - Independently manage, organize, and create challenge in learning; taking responsibility for one’s actions and choices.