Apply for Intradistrict School Choice

Policy F33-L Intradistrict Choice, K-8, allows students in grades K-8 to attend any of the schools in the Harwood Unified Union School District (Crossett Brook Middle School, Fayston Elementary School, Harwood Union Middle School, Moretown Elementary School, Brookside Primary School, Waitsfield Elementary School, Warren Elementary School), regardless of the town of residence within the school district. 


While intradistrict choice is possible, the District must consider several factors when reviewing applications. One of the most significant considerations is the capacity of the requested school. We ask that you please review the Intradistrict School Choice Procedures carefully, as the document explains the timeline and considerations involved in the approval process.


Bus transportation shall be made available where possible, but it is not guaranteed.


Click the button to complete the appropriate online intradistrict choice form, below. Complete one form per student.

NEXT YEAR: Apply for IDC for 2023-24This form will be OPEN October 3 - January 15. Do you need to apply


  • Your current PK4 - grade 7 student wishes to transfer to a different HUUSD school in 2023-24.
  • Your student will transition to a middle school, and they wish to attend a school other than the school in your town of residence.
  • Your 4-year-old PreKindergarten student is NOT attending the school in the town you live in, and you want them to stay at the current school for kindergarten (e.g., you live in Waterbury but your PreK4 student is attending Moretown Elem this year for PreK; AND you want your student to stay at Moretown Elem for kindergarten). 


  • Your student is already participating in choice, and they will stay in the same school building for 2023-24.
  • You want your child to attend the school in the town you live in (e.g., you live in Moretown and you want your child to attend Moretown).  

THIS YEAR: APPLY for IDC for 2022-23 This form is now OPEN for families who are eligible to apply for choice during the current school year, 2022-23. PLEASE NOTE, this form is ONLY for certain situations. Eligible families include:  

  • Families with children grades K-8 who move from one HUUSD town to another during the school year and wish their children to stay at the current school of attendance.
  • Families with children grades K-8 who move in to the HUUSD and wish their students to attend an HUUSD school other than their school of residence. (This includes children who move into the district, such as foster children.) In this case, families and principals should also discuss enrollment procedures.
  • Families with other circumstances, per the F33-L Intradistrict School Choice Procedures.

Once you have applied, you will receive a copy of your responses.

If you are requesting IDC for the following school year, please see the IDC Procedures for the timeline. If you are requesting IDC for the current school year, a representative from the district will notify you of the decision within a few days.

If you have questions about the process, email [email protected].