Open Enrollment Form 2023

Time Frame: October 18 - November 1
Deadline to Upload Documents: Midnight November 1
HR Contacts: Rhonda Achilles and Marci Robinson

What Does HR Want You To Know About Open Enrollment?

  • All documents must be uploaded into the Google form.
  • The cost of health insurance for support staff is going up.  
  • Cash in lieu payments will not be made to employees who receive insurance benefits from a public school employee. 
  • Employees can find ALL information related to open enrollment in the top folder called OPEN ENROLLMENT on the Benefits Information Center page.
    • Folder 3-Health Insurance has all info specific to health insurance.
    • Employees who wish to CHANGE their plan and need guidance should contact BCBS at 1-800-344-6690.

How To Find Your Current Health Plan

  1. Log in to your BCBS portal.
  2. Click Benefits/Coverage details.
  3. In the middle of the page, find: 
    Benefit Plan Information

What Are Your Tasks By November 1?

  1. All HUUSD Employees complete the Google form, including new hires and also those keeping their same insurance plan
    • The form has links to all open enrollment documents. You will check off the ones you need to complete while filling out the form.
    • You will receive via email a copy of your responses so that you have a list of the documents with checkmarks beside them.
      • The email will include the open enrollment documents as attachments.
  2. Print and sign the documents for: 
    1. Your chosen health plan
    2. The FSA "election form" 
  3. Scan all documents into one PDF and edit your form responses to upload the PDF into the Google form.
    • Do NOT send via email, interoffice mail, or snail mail.
    • Your school's admin assistant or a coworker can help.

Google Enrollment Form 2023