Apply for Extended Student Absence

What Qualifies as an Extended Student Absence?

The HUUSD requires an application for extended student absences due to TRAVELLING only, under the following guidelines:

  • Absences of 10 or more consecutive days for emergencies or absence from town.

The Superintendent will determine whether the absence is excused or unexcused. 

**Once you have applied, you will receive a copy of your responses. A representative from the district will notify you of the decision within a few days.

Do not complete this form if you need to apply for an extended student absence for a different reason
(e.g. medical reason). Contact your school directly.

Rationale for the Process

We have created this process for two reasons:

  1. To help parents understand why they need to notify the Superintendent of Schools when they plan to travel with their children. In the past, parents have viewed this step as asking for permission, and sometimes have found it offensive. The State of Vermont has several laws regarding student attendance. Our local schools and school district are responsible for recording and coding attendance daily, as well as submitting attendance records to the state auditors. Compliance with these laws is required; failure to do so can affect our funding or bring penalties, especially with federal grants, food service reimbursement, state aid, and regulations governing the Department of Children and Families (DCF). 
  2. To comply with Vermont Statute Title 16, Sections 1122 and 1123: 
    • “A person having the control of a child over 16 years of age who allows the child to become enrolled in a public school shall cause the child to attend the school continually for the full number of school days of the term in which he or she is enrolled, unless the child is mentally or physically unable to continue, or is excused in writing by the superintendent or a majority of the school directors. In case of such enrollment, the person, and the teacher, child, superintendent, and school directors shall be under the laws and subject to the penalties relating to the attendance of children between the ages of 6 and 16 years. The superintendent of a public school may excuse, in writing, any student from attending the school for a definite time, but for not more than ten consecutive school days and only for emergencies or for absence from town. The Superintendent of an elementary school held for more than 175 school days in a school year may excuse, in writing, a student of the school from attending more than 175 days.” 
      • If a student misses more than 20 cumulative scheduled school days in a calendar year, the Superintendent may need to file a report of truancy as is required by law. 

Regarding schoolwork during the absence: 

  • Request schoolwork from teachers at least three days before the absence, except in emergency situations (e.g., travel due to a death in the family). Some assignments may not be available in advance. Teachers expect the work to be completed upon the student’s return in a manner that reflects high quality, and they will evaluate work submitted. Work not completed on time may be marked accordingly. Not all work can be completed away from school, requiring make-up work upon return. Missing instruction may also include missing demonstrations, labs, and other learning activities that cannot be made up.

We appreciate that families try to avoid scheduling a vacation/time away while school is in session, and we fully recognize that sometimes an extended absence is unavoidable. Here is the F-25 Student Attendance Policy.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to submit this necessary form. 

Apply for Extended Student Absence