Superintendent Search

The HUUSD has begun a search for its next superintendent. The Board approved the timeline below, which should lead to the appointment of a new superintendent in early February. The new superintendent will start on July 1, 2022.  

Superintendent Search Timeline

  1. Board hires search consultant. During the summer of 2021, the Board hired the national search firm MacPherson & Jacobson to assist in the search process. Here is a link to their proposal. We are working with Dr. John Gratto who has done a number of recent superintendent searches in Vermont.
  2. Draft job description, contract. The Board approved a new job description and draft contract on November 17
  3. Get community input to guide candidate selection. A series of Zoom meetings were held by the district’s search firm on November 8th and 9th to collect input about desired qualifications of, and questions for, our future superintendent. Meetings were organized around stakeholder groups, including: community members, teachers, staff, principals and students. Dr. Gratto synthesizd the findings into this report. On November 17th, the Board finalized this list of qualifications, which will form the core of our job posting.
  4. Advertise position nationally. The job will be advertised locally and nationally beginning December 7. Applications will be due by January 3, 2022. All members of our HUUSD community are encouraged to share the job posting and help to spread the word in order to encourage a wide pool of qualified applicants to apply.
  5. Review candidate applications, do a first round of interviews, and identify finalists. A preliminary search committee will narrow the candidate pool for the Board. The committee will include several Board members as well as one principal and one union leader. Official appointments will occur in December. The search committee will meet multiple times in January to:
    • Review applications and ask qualified candidates to send a pre-recorded video interview to use for further consideration (1/5/22).
    • Use pre-recorded interviews to narrow down candidates for first round of interviews (1/12/22).
    • Conduct in-person or remote interviews with a handful of candidates (1/20 & 1/24/22).
    • Identify up to 3 finalists to invite for final round interviews and a community visit (1/24/22).
  6. Finalist interviews & community visit -- 1/31 and 2/1/22. Finalists are invited to visit district to:
    • Interview with entire Board in executive session
    • Record an interview with Board Chair and 1-3 other community members using questions from stakeholder groups (identified in step 3 above). Interviews will be posted on YouTube so they are accessible to all. The goal here is to provide an opportunity for community members to get a sense of the candidates and then offer yes/no hiring feedback before the Board finalizes its recommendation on 2/3/22.
    • Tour the community with Board chair and a Principal. Visit at least two schools. This is especially geared towards helping the Superintendent learn more about the district and community.
  7. Board selects top choice candidate. In an executive session on 2/3/22, Board meets in executive session to figure out next steps: Are we ready to rank finalists? Do we need to ask more questions of finalists? Do we need to interview additional candidates? If appropriate, task Board Chair with offering job to to top candidate.
  8. Board appoints new superintendent. During open session of the 2/9/22 meeting, the Board will appoint the new superintendent, who will begin working for the HUUSD on July 1, 2022.