Mandatory Trainings


SafeSchools (Vector Solutions) Login Information

Training Site:

  • Your username: HUUSD email address
  • Your password: first five characters of HUUSD email address
    • For example, if John Smith’s email address is [email protected], the password would be jsmit

Once you log in, your assignments will pop up. 

THIS YEAR: Some Online and Some In-Person

ONLINE in SafeSchools/Vector Solutions

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention
  • Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting
  • Cultural Competence and Racial Bias
  • FERPA: Confidentiality of Records
  • Responsible Use of Electronics
  • Rule 4500
    • Food Service and Custodians do NOT need to complete this training
  • HUUSD Bullying and Harassment
    • Food Service and Custodians do NOT need to complete this training

IN-PERSON at Schools

  • Act 1 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
Your principals are your first point of contact about the content of the trainings. For technical difficulties, contact [email protected].
***On-staff subs are not required to complete the trainings.

To View Your Certificates of Completion in SafeSchools/Vector Solutions

The HUUSD can view and track all of your course completions in SafeSchools. Staff do not need to print certificates for the HUUSD. However, if staff would like a certificate for a different reason, they can view and print one by doing the following:

  1. Log in to SafeSchools/Vector using the directions above.
  2. Click the Training History icon on the left menu. 
  3. Change the From Date to the start of the school year. 
    • Leave the To Date alone.
  4. Click Refresh List.
  5. Click View Certificate on the right hand side. 
    • If you need a Training Coordinator's signature, ask your principal.