Mandatory Trainings


Most trainings for 2021-22 are via SafeSchools (SS). Four (4) use Google forms created by the HUUSD.

SafeSchools Login Information

Training Site:

  • Your username: HUUSD Email Address
  • Your password: first initial first name first four letters of last name (5 digits total)
    • For example, John Smith’s password would be jsmit

Once you log in, your assignments will pop up.

training DETAILS 

Tier 1: ~30 mins

  1. (HUUSD) COVID Training (14 mins): Watch one of the two videos below and then complete the Google form. 
    ***Content is the same in both videos; the difference is that one has subtitles. 
    1. COVID-19 Staff Training Fall 2021 (no subtitles)
    2. YouTube version with Subtitles 
      1. Here is the PDF version for your Reference Only
      2. Fill in the COVID-19 Staff Training Google form to confirm that you have watched one of the videos. 
  2. Safeschools (SS) Coronavirus: Managing Stress and Anxiety: 12 mins

Tier 2: ~1.5 hours

  1. (SS) Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention: 22 mins
  2. (SS) First Aid: 34 mins
  3. (SS) Health Emergencies: Asthma Awareness: 16 mins
  4. (SS) Health Emergencies: Life-Threatening Allergies: 13 mins

Tier 3: ~1.5 hours

  1. (SS) Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting: 26 mins
  2. (SS) Cultural Competence and Racial Bias: 18 mins
  3. (SS) FERPA: Confidentiality of Records: 18 mins
  4. (HUUSD) Rule 4500
    • (Food Service and Custodians do NOT need to complete this training.)
  5. (HUUSD) Responsible Use of Electronics
  6. (HUUSD) New Employee Responsible Use
    • Only needs to be signed once in an employee’s tenure

To View Your Certificates of Completion in SafeSchools

The HUUSD can view and track all of your course completions in SafeSchools. Staff do not need to print certificates for the HUUSD. However, if staff would like a certificate for a different reason, they can view and print one by doing the following:

  1. Log in to SafeSchools using the directions above.
  2. Click the Training Area icon on the left hand side. 
  3. Change the From Date to the start of the school year. 
    • Leave the To Date alone.
  4. Click Refresh List.
  5. Click View Certificate on the right hand side. 
    • If you need a Training Coordinator's signature, ask your principal.