Professional Development Upload Instructions

Follow the steps below to 1) prepare your documentation upload file and then 2) upload it into the Google form.

1. Prepare your documentation upload. 

You will need to find the required documentation and either:

  • Print hard copies that you will scan into ONE file for upload OR
  • Save electronic copies to your Google drive or desktop that you will combine into ONE file for upload.

What do we mean by "required documentation"? 4 items: 

  1. Course description including dates, time, location, price, indication of graduate credits (if applicable) and syllabus (IF available) OR workshop/conference brochure including location, price, dates, and time and agenda (IF available)
    • Click to see an upload sample.
    • This documentation MUST be authored by the college/workshop sponsor.
      • This means that copying and pasting from a vendor/college website into your personal Google doc is NOT acceptable.
    • Do NOT provide website links or links to your personal Google Drive. Links can break. 
    • Auditors require the documentation.
  2. Travel (Google map/airline quote), if applicable
  3. Lodging quote, if applicable
  4. Related expenses (e.g., cab, Uber, subway fare)

Name the UPLOAD file as follows: last name_first name_title of course/workshop/conference

2. Upload your one file.

You have several options for uploading your file into the Google form.

  • OPTION 1: Print and Scan at your school's printer/copier.
    1. Print all of your required documents.
    2. At the school/your home copier/printer, choose scan to email. 
    3. Select to email to your email address. 
    4. Save the pdf to your Google Drive, naming it as follows: last name_first name_title of course/workshop/conference 
      • Maybe create yourself a folder called Professional Development--in case you want to submit PD in the future--and you could store everything there
        • You will NOT be able to upload or link to a FOLDER; you will ONLY be able to upload one FILE
      • Then, in the Upload question, you will be given the option to upload or choose a file from your Google Drive. 
    5. Select to add/choose a file from your Drive.
    6. Navigate to that file and select it.
  • Additional OPTIONS for creating the Upload file, CLICK HERE
    • Scan using your iPhone, print web page to PDF, find a local copier/scanner