Open Enrollment Form 2021

TIME FRAME: October 15-November 1


What does HR want you to know about open enrollment?

ALL employees will review their choices for:

  1. Health insurance
  2. FSA/Dependent Care
  3. Life Insurance











BIG Changes this year:

  • The cost of health insurance for support staff is going up.  
  • Cash in Lieu Payments will no longer be made to employees who receive insurance benefits from a public school through a spouse. 
  • Updated life insurance information is REQUIRED of everyone.

HR has created a Google form to help you know what documents you need to complete. The form has links to all these documents. You will check off the documents you need to complete while you are filling out the form. You will receive a copy of your responses so that you have a list of the documents with checkmarks beside them.

What are your TASKS?

  1. Complete the Google form. 
  2. Print and sign the documents for your chosen health plan, the FSA form, and the life insurance beneficiary form.