LTEE-Leadership Team for Excellence in Education

Welcome to Leadership Team for Excellence in Education (LTEE)

“You have to remember. . .that for this little boy whom you have met, his life is just as important to him, as your life is to you. No matter how insufficient or how shabby it may seem to some, it is the only one he has.” 
Jonathan Kozol

2016 Rowland Foundation Conference: Jonathan Kozol Keynote from Rowland Foundation on Vimeo.


Rebecca Holcombe Remarks at the 2016 Rowland Conference from Rowland Foundation on Vimeo.


The HUUSD Leadership Team for Excellence in Education (LTEE)

The HUUSD Leadership Team for Excellence in Education (LTEE) is both a governance and decision-making body responsible for setting the direction of the schools with a focus on  student-centered learning design, learning proficiencies and growth indicators, along with the systems and practices that support them.

The HUUSD Leadership Team for Excellence in Education (LTEE)  is to provide a global approach to school improvement.  All members are to know and understand the various needs of grade level and vertical teams as well as content areas and use this knowledge to coordinate and prioritize the work that will best support the overarching goals for the Supervisory Union.

The HUUSD Leadership Team for Excellence in Education (LTEE) is to promote two-way communication.  It is to create structures to solicit input from a broad range of constituents and to communicate decision and/or information in coherent ways using multiple modalities.  Additionally it is to create opportunities for dialog within the learning organization and between the school and community.


HUUSD Leadership Team for Excellence in Education (LTEE) Membership 2017-18

The Warren School

Beth Peterson, Principal

Beth Young, Kindergarten

Jane Spina, Grades 5/6

Waitsfield Elementary

Kaiya Korb, Principal

Eric Mongeon, Library/Media Specialist

Tom Young, Grade 1/2


Jean Berthiaume, Principal

Erin Koch, Grade 3/4


Harwood Union High School/Middle School

Lisa Atwood- Principal

Sally McCarthy- Guidance

Lisa Therrien, Mathematics

Sam Krotinger, Visual Arts

*Matt Henchen - Social Studies



*Duane Pierson, Principal

Terry Hopper, Grade 5/6

Karen Cingiser, Grade 1/2

Waterbury/Duxbury School District (WDSD)

Crossett Brook Middle School

*Tom Drake - Principal

Stephanie Hudak - CBMS  Principal

Brian Dumais -7/8 Science
Melissa Williams- Grade 5/6


Brookside Primary School

*Denise Goodnow - Principal

Camille Anderson -  Grade 3/4  

*Adrienne Magida - Grade 1/2


Harwood Unified Union School District

*Shannon Lessley- Director of Curriculum
Donarae Dawson, Director of Student Support Services


*Denotes Steering Committee Member