Employee Acknowledgments

√  I have uploaded all required documents. 

√  I understand that the district is not responsible for reimbursement or payment for a course, workshop or conference that has not received prior approval. 

√  I understand equipment purchased for my use through professional development funds for this course, workshop or conference is the sole property of the school. 

√  I will submit invoice (if emailed to me via vendor), reimbursement form with receipts attached, final grade and certificate of completion to central office at the end of the course, workshop or conference. Full reimbursement is contingent on the completion of this step, as stated in Article 13.1D of the Master Contract.

√  Failure to complete course with a grade of B or higher, or failure to complete workshop or conference, or leaving employment in the district, requires the employee to repay the district the full cost expensed by the district.